This helicopter is a 2001 Robinson R-44 three-place helicopter with police equipment installed. It is in excellent condition and is equipped with a 28-volt electrical system. Tail #N135WB

Total collective time on the helicopter is 3779.7 hours and it had an annual inspection in November 2016. It is due for an overhaul at 4400 hours or the end of November 2017 whichever comes first. There is an airworthiness directive for main rotor blade replacement in October 2017.

Additional equipment includes: • Nose mounted gyro-stabilized infrared camera with flat-screen LCD monitor • Belly-mounted searchlight • FM transceivers • Video tape recorder • PA/siren and forward cabin doors with bubble windows • Modified left-side cyclic control allows flight from the left seat with the LCD monitor installed • Extended landing gear provides additional ground clearance for the searchlight • The battery is relocated to the tail cone to balance the weight of the infrared camera • Forward cabin doors with bubble windows to enhance downward visibility replace the standard doors • Tool chest with miscellaneous tools •  Robinson MT950 cart to move the helicopter • 2 sets of gyro stabilized binoculars. • Bose headsets • Garmin ground GPS